How to Withdraw Payment From Transferwise in Pakistan | Bizvee

Withdraw Payment from Transferwise in Pakistan | Bizvee

here is a lot of peoples who don't know how to withdraw funds from transferwise business account to Pakistan:

here is the instructions how u withdraw funds from your business transferwise:

1: Login Your Transferwise

2: Go to personal section

3: Click on balances

4: Create Currency For GBP

5: after creation of currency copy your account number and Sort code

6: than click on right corner swtich your account to business section

7: Click on add recipient

8: click on add my account

9: select GBP currency and add your personal GBP bank details

10: now click on balances and click on GBP/USD

11: transfer funds to your personal GBP/USD account

12: your payment will be transfer with in 3 minutes to your personal account

13: now again click on right corner switch your profile to personal

14: click on recipients

15: add your Pakistani bank

16: after adding your bank account successfully

17: click on balances

18: click on the currency in which u have balance

19: click on transferwise funds

20: select your Pakistani bank

21: and proceed it

22: your funds will arrive to your Pakistani bank in 24 to 48 hours

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